Common Dashboard Indicator Lights


Having an indicator light up on your dashboard display can be a nerve-racking thing, especially if you don't know what it could mean. The following are some of the most common dashboard lights you'll see and how you can go about addressing them. 

Check Engine Light

Just about everyone has seen this engine-shaped symbol before, but what does it even mean? The check engine light is a catch-all for a wide range of issues, including a loose gas cap, bad spark plugs, or a faulty catalytic converter. No matter the cause, you'll want to bring your vehicle into Napleton Chevrolet Buick as soon as you can to have the program diagnosed and taken care of. 

Oil Pressure Warning

Shaped like an old-fashioned oil can, the oil pressure warning light tells you your oil is low. If you see this light, pull over immediately and shut your car off, then check the oil level. If you're low, you may have a leak or might be overdue for an oil change. If you can, add additional oil to get the vehicle back up and running and make an appointment at Napleton Chevrolet Buick to have the problem addressed quickly. 

You should also pull over right away if you see this sailing hair comb, which tells you that your coolant isn't doing its job and your engine is overheating. Driving with the coolant temperature warning light on for more than a couple minutes can cause serious damage to your engine, so you may want to pull off and get a tow. If you decide to check your coolant levels, it is imperative that you wait until the engine is completely cooled to avoid burns. 

TPMS Light

If your car has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, the TPMS light comes on when the pressure is low in one or more of your tires. The horseshoe with an exclamation point inside it isn't as urgent as some other lights, but you should check your tire pressure when you're able and add air to any low tires. Improper tire pressure can negatively affect your fuel economy as well as the life of your tires, increasing your risk of a blowout. 

If you have a light on your dashboard, bring your vehicle into Napleton Chevrolet Buick and we'll take care of it quickly and efficiently.  

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