Welcome to Napleton Chevrolet Saint Charles Service Center

Welcome to the Napleton Chevrolet Saint Charles Service Center

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When you need top-quality car service, head to Napleton Chevrolet Saint Charles. Finding a skilled team to carry out any vehicle maintenance is vital. Our certified technicians can ensure that any make or model brought in receives the best care. We make it easy for St. Charles, IL drivers to schedule their appointments online, so reach out today. We look forward to keeping your car in shape.

Service Offers And Pricing

We offer competitive prices on popular vehicle services like oil changes, brakes and tires.

We're sorry, we do not currently have any specials published. Please check back soon or contact us for more information.


Need New Tires?

Your vehicle's tires are the first and only contact with the road, so it is important to choose the right set when replacing them. Napleton Chevrolet Saint Charles has Certified Service experts that will handle all of your tire needs. From checking tire wear to tire pressure, our team can also help you find new tires for your vehicle.

Need an Oil Change Near St. Charles

Driving around with dirty oil - or not enough oil - can shorten the life of your engine. Our Certified Service experts can change your oil quickly. Schedule an appointment today.


Multi-Point Inspection

Not sure what's wrong with your car when you bring it to us? Don't worry; we conduct a thorough multi-point assessment of your vehicle, so we can get down to business. Our assessment is color-coded, easy to follow, and gives us a better idea of what needs to be addressed within your car.

New Tires? No Problem!

If you want to keep moving down the road, taking care of the tires is key. Our experts can offer full-service tire care, from checking tire pressure to wheel alignment; we've got you covered. Tires take a lot of abuse and can be a sizable investment when buying a new set. We want to help you get the maximum life out of your tires. Therefore, we can perform a tire rotation on your vehicle, so the treads last longer.

Quick Oil Changes

Changing out your oil will improve the vehicle's lifespan and your engine's functionality. Our service experts can quickly and efficiently change your oil in no time! Elgin, IL drivers should stop by for our speedy oil change services every 5,000 to 7,000 miles.

Hearing Brake Noise?

Are Your Brakes Making Noise?

Having the power to stop with confidence is essential for a safe driving experience. Your car can sometimes indicate if a problem is brewing, but you must know what to look for. If Batavia, IL drivers notice any of the following, stop by our service center sooner than later!

  • The brake services indicator light on the dashboard is on.
  • Odd or screeching sounds are coming from the brakes.
  • While braking, the car pulls to one side.
  • The brake pedal feels spongy when stepping on it.
  • There is a delay in the time between stepping on the brakes and stopping.

Our technicians thoroughly inspect your brakes, from rotors to brake pads and everything in between. If any wear or damage needs to be addressed, our team can replace them with quality new brakes to give you peace of mind.

Battery Trouble?

Is Your Battery Dead?

A car battery is a crucial element that provides power within a vehicle. Even though a battery only has a shelf life of three to five years, its power can diminish from different factors. Cold and hot weather can have a negative effect on the life of your battery. If you leave your headlights on or forget to close the door overnight, you could find yourself needing to jump-start the car in the morning.

Let our technicians test your battery levels, so we can let you know when it's time to get a new one.

Discover the Service You Need at Napleton Chevrolet Saint Charles

If you have any questions about our service options, please feel free to give us a call. We are always ready to go the extra mile to make sure your vehicle is at the top of its game. Contact our service center or go online to schedule your next appointment today. Our team can't wait to lend Geneva, IL drivers a hand with their vehicle's maintenance.

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